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If you have a desire to retain our services, learn more about us and how we see our firm can help you in todays highly charged business world please fill out the form on our contact page and one of our senior partners will be in touch with you with in  24 hours.

Every Business has that moment of indecison when the owner or shareholders are not sure what to do, how to do it, if it's neccessary or if it's too risky.  Santa Fe Advisory Services maintains the following core beliefs:

Seek first to understand (listen) our clients needs, before asking to be understood; and
Understand that the rules are in constant flux and change is hardest for those who built their businesses basis the rules as they made them.

So we listen, we advise & if neccesay we recommend change.

Experience That Counts

santa fe advisory services, website design, marketing, sales


COO and Operational Services from execuitves with broad experience in all aspects of Management, Operations, Finance, Marketing & Sales disciplines in SaaS businesses, inside & outside sales management, acquisition and property management of Commercial & Multi-family Real Estate, Specialty Finance, Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Commercial & 1-4 Residential Real Estate Finance.Cloud Computing & Web Development.

Management Alignment Consulting

Business Coaching

•Professional Speaker on Corporate Sales & Motivational Topics

•Turnaround Management
Corporate Governance & Compliance Evaluation & Repair
•Marketing and Sales plans

Museum Conservation Storage Solutions
•Consolidation of Financing
•Affordable website development
•Operational Assessments
•Change Management
•Product Mix Analysis
•Future Viability of Product(s)
•Cash Flow Projections

Commercial Lease Financing

•Financial ial Projections & Analytic's
Commercial & Residential Real Estate Finance

*Marketing & Sales Plans that work

•Website Design & Brand Development 


santa fe advisory services, website design, management consulting, marketing, sales

What We can do​

Santa Fe Advisory Services, is a management consultant firm specializing in small to medium size companies in need of COO services in corporate development, restructure, change management, turnaround management, finance, and strategic growth plans. This a collaborative effort to succeed. We ask we listen and then provide solutions that work for you. We specialize in working with "Start Ups" & "Next Wave" Mentality entities.

Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development with an eye to todays digital media
Executive Search, Finding the right person is more than running the ad. Knowing how to qualify and determine a correct fit is what we do.

-Start Ups, Seeing the viability, cosntructing a reasonable plan of strategy to develop its clientile to understanding the Ocean they're in and the Next Wave behind them.
Web Design Consulting & Development, from the "on the budget" start ups to the well heeled Business entities.