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We provide small to medium sized companies a path to growth with COO and or operations / Project Managment services as well as a complementry management consulting that  goes beyond the normal view of events that determine a company's, an individual's or and groups interests being fully aware of what the landscape is that lays in front of them.  As our name represents our value is in getting to our client  a clearer understand of what they don't know about, transactions, various investment considerations, due diligence, turnaround consultancy, legal ramifications and your company as seen from a set of eyes where a sense of critical thinking approach is applied.

What that means for you our clients is our expertise in areas such as:

• COO Serives

•Operations Management

•Project Management

•Turnaround Management

• Trouble Shooting Immediate Problems
• Transition & Change Management
• Restructuring Companies
• Financial Restructuring
• Corporate Strategy Decision Support and Restructuring
• Restructuring and Reorganization of Key Management Roles
• Executive Search Placement for Banking/LegalEnergy Sectors


Our strengths can be measured by the procedural guidelines we hold important such as:

• SAAS, Tech savy experience in the world wide web

• Web Designs that fit your budget and your plans

*Cloud based Solutions & Platforms


*Corporate Governance Evaluation

*New Business Development Concepts

*Marketing and Sales Plans that Work

•Financial Ratio Assessment
•Consolidation of Financing
•Reputation Management on the WEB
•Sales and Marketing Evaluation
•Operational & Legal Assessments
•Organizational Assessment
•Present Cost Structure
•Product Mix Analysis
•Future Viability of Product(s)
•Cash Flow Projections
•Capital Procurment Assesments

We are systems planners with a very thorough understanding of process mapping, project management, outsourcing and a variety of other disciplines. We believe strongly in developing a systems approach as we tackle issues and make the system work in lieu of relying on individual talents.

Our experience has been in the following industries:

  • Privately Owned / Closely Held & Family Based Companies ; and

  • Start Up, mid term start up or on the cusp  Companies ; and

  • Next Wave Mentality Companies; and

  • Digital Technolgy, SaaS Enterprise, Online Media,Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, Mining & Mineral Rights ; and

  • Museum Storage Conservation Solutions

  • Commercial Properties analysis, acquisition, financing, development, management & sale; and

  • Real Estate Equity & Mortgage Investment Trusts; and

  • Debt and or Equity assesments and needs valuations

  • Fully Vertically Intergraded Agricultural Corporations; and

  • Mortgage Banking, all phases from nationwide wholesale origination, funding, quality control, marketing and sales, servicing, secondary sales and prioritization of product, securing of major commercial lines of credit & credit risk analysis;and

  • Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Womens Better Bridge To Wear apparel; and

  • The Wellness Industry

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Internet Marketing Companies; and

  • Telecom Companies; and

  • Cloud Computing Enterprise Platform Companies; and

  • High End Restaurants & Full Service Catering Companies; and

  • •SEC reporting and legal requirements; and

  • •Online Reputation Management and

  • Executive Search Placement For The Banking/Legal/Energy Sectors



We have had experience of managing P&Ls of in excess of $100 million dollars & having developed capital market financing for various entities in excess of $10 billion. However We are not brokers, we are consultants that will advise you through this maze.