Employee based Solutions

Your people can be the conduit to greater growth and success. Let us show you how that occurs by inspiring them to be a part of your solution.


People Inspired


At Santa Fe Advisory Services we are continually inspired by getting to the employee’s enthusiasm. We focus on career fit, talent contributions, personal successes, as well as the challenges they face daily. Our collection of options helps them identify success and personal development requirements needed, thus elevating both organizational ability capabilities and their individual skills.





Seldom does a day go by without an opportunity to learn something new and at SANTA FE we believe the best learning comes from doing. Knowledge through doing means the comprehension has a better chance of sticking – and it’s that stickiness that helps people grow. At SANTA FE, each blended learning experience is tailored to maximize team building, develop core competencies, and learn new skills.




SANTA FE offers various coaching options, all custom designed to ensure alignment between the need for individual growth and the need for managerial excellence with particular focus on how each person operates within the context of his or her environment. Essential elements of our coaching model include key stakeholders, Two way responsibility assessments, critical employer/employee relationships, organizational culture, and core competencies.


Values Based Leadership:


At SANTA FE we integrate our core values into everything we do, driving how we show up as leaders to our colleagues, clients, and community. The incorporation of core values such as integrity, kindness, passion, and creativity into a set of clearly-defined behavioral expectations has multiple benefits. It strengthens leadership, aligns individuals to the corporate mission, and cascades values based performance throughout the entire organization. Using this vibrant contextual process, we can produce and execute new values-driven systems, enhance existing leadership methodologies, and create alignment through the ongoing development of value-centric leaders.


Team Alignment:


Leaders need a process for working together to define success, identify outcomes, and sift through multiple emerging ideas. SANTA FE works with teams to help them recognize the impact of interpersonal and team dynamics, identify gaps in performance, and undertake the issues that block them from moving key business objectives forward.


Action Learning:


Learning is in the doing. An Action Learning approach enables a team to increase its team effectiveness by collaborating, building relationships, creating focus, and identifying core strategies that lead to sustainable success. This approach enables teams to increase their effectiveness by collaborating, building relationships, creating focus, identifying key next steps, and creating implementation strategies. And they will do all of this using real-time business challenges that require resolution.