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Michael Fanghella

Managing Director

santa fe advisory services, website design, marketing, sales

Senior management (CEO/COO) *  Marketing & Sales Leadership* Managed Large Employee Sectors* SaaS Protocol Experience* Strategic Planning* Growth Strategies* Project Management * Logistics & Supply Chain Management* e-Commerce * Public Speaker* *Multi Industry Success* Hospitality * Servant Practice Beliefs

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 We provide services for your company that directs, administers, and coordinates the internal operational activities of your organization in accordance with developed policies, goals, and objectives established by the Chief Executive Officer. Then  leads and directs the following functions and/or business units: operations, human resources, information systems, traffic, new business coordination, and company promotion and communication. Assists the CEO in the development of organization policies and goals that cover operations, personnel, financial performance, and growth of the functions and/or business units mentioned above.              

Career Highlights

•     Seasoned executive at the highest levels of management with solid track record of performance  in sales & marketing and growth strategies.
•     Deep and successful experience in promoting the most complex multi-faceted deals both on tangible or intangible product levels.
•     Has taken multiple entities from start ups to national recognition and or initial public offering.
•     A nationally recognized speaker on many corporate, financial and motivational topics.
•     Has transitioned to and from a number of diverse industries and performed successfully in each arena
• P&L Responsibility greater than $100 million.

Business Birthplace

Wall Street Financial Knowledge

Systems Knowledge

Mr. Fanghella has a long a diversified career spread over many industries all with the same result -success. He helped launch the public company Enex Resources which had a successful IPO. Then participated in over 100 real estate projects totaling in excess of $6 billion dollars debt & equity,. Aided in the development of four historical renovations sought and received the historic designation of over $85 million in multi-family units in downtown Chicago. He then started in 1992 PinnFund who was widely acclaimed as one of the most responsible national wholesale mortgage bankers during the sub prime era having offices in 48 states.  In 2001 as Chairman & CEO of PinnFund USA, Inc a nationally recognized mortgage banker built by himself, was indicted by The S.E.C. and later pled guilty to 5 counts. He fully cooperated with The Department of Justice and his integrity was never questioned in fact it was relied upon. 

Much of what he suffered came as a result of not having the proper advisors around him that would have provided the corporate governess needed and the legal advice prior to the S.E.C. initiating their investigation.  He has spoken over his career to audiences of greater than 1,000 on numerous financial, corporate, sales & motivational topics.  The Department of Justice thought so highly of his cooperation they filed one of the largest supportive motions for his release in the Southern District extolling his knowledge and benefit in this case and as a result of his aid nearly all the funds were recovered as was recently noted by the court and millions of dollars saved in investigative efforts by the department of justice. He now provides himself as an expert witness on mortgage banking and other financial matters to the legal community. This summary was approved by the Southern District Court.

His experience, capabilities and knowledge has helped many companies navigate through the murky waters of these last few years. He publishes articles on general business topics and can be downloaded from the website. For a free consultation please contact him by clicking here.

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